About us


For me FRANK HARRIS is all about our story. Everything and everyone is defined by their story.

The story of our watches all started a summer in Croatia. My best friend and I were on a road trip across Croatia where we met a great variety of people all with their own life story. Every single one was filled with its own charm and passion. All these people were a great inspiration and a reminder that you only live once and in order for you to fulfill your passion you might have to break out of your comfort zone. I wanted to tell my story with passion but when I thought about my law studies and starting on my master degree when coming back from this amazing experience I did not feel any passion. School and part-time jobs are the life of a lot of young people but I wanted something different. I decided to set a hold on my studies and quit my job to chase my passion for watches instead. 
I wanted to create a classic yet timeless design but never to compromise on quality. I wanted to create a watch that I could be proud of and I would like to wear myself. FRANK HARRIS is for me the timeless story of quality and design. My apartment quickly turned into my own little office and FRANK HARRIS was born. 

As FRANK HARRIS tells my story, let us help tell yours.